Paint Companies. Which One?

Paint companies have followers just like car makers. Everyone has their favorite and that is fine. The “Best” paint for you is the one most suited to your project, color palette and budget.The important factor is the project and the desired final finish. Not all cars are made equal and neither is paint. What works for one application may not work for something else. In my time I have seen clients use a lower cost paint for areas requiring more repainting. Children’s bedrooms, rec rooms, stairs to basement etc.

A higher quality paint can be used in other areas of the house that will remain “as is” for a longer period of time. The higher quality can withstand the rigors of daily life and cleaning of the surface. Paint companies offer different levels of their product that enables customers to achieve this and stay with the same company.

Paint companies have their products set to a market place. Just as it is with vehicles you have to choose what works best in your situation. Please bear in mind you cannot get a top line finish for the price of an entry level paint.

Pick and choose to keep on budget and stay in touch with the reality “It is paint you can always change it down the road”

What works on walls will not always be good enough for your trim. There are exceptions which I will lay out in another post on Finishes, What Works Where.


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