Wall Finish

What sheen is right for where?

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice you get when you visit a paint store. There are various sheen levels to choose from. The first thing is to identify where you want to paint and proceed from there.

Flat is a good choice to absorb light in an area. It works in Dining rooms and an accent wall with wall sconces or maybe you have a light shining on some artwork and do not want to be distracted by glare. The drawback is flat is not forgiving when it comes to wiping off any hand or scuff marks. The rubbed area will have a shine to it that will not go away. So flat is nice to look at and a lovely effect. Just do not give it a hard time!

Eggshell on the other hand has become the go to for wall finish. it is not too shiny and works for all wall areas of the home except kitchens and Bathrooms. (More on this later with the paint that does work in these areas)


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