Paint Colour

Do what works and makes You feel at home.

Some many times I have been asked what is the trending colour now? The answer I always give is this:

Trends come and go, what is “in” now will be gone and change to something else in six months.

Something to think about:

We are curtailed in our choice of clour by others in so many ways. Just think for a moment about the clothes not available with the colour you want in your size. The appliance, vehicle or any number of things you are told are not available unless you upgrade the model.

Colour has so many ways to add a touch of personality to your home. Play with it and allow yourself to experiment. Whatever entrance hall colour says home to you, paint it. It is your area, your piece of this planet where you get to decide what feels good for you.

Entrance hallways take a lot wear and tear. The colour choice will depend on how wide the area is. Darker shades will give the appearance of closing in the walls a lighter shade has the opposite effect. Care should be taken in choosing a colour that will not show rub marks easily. Lighter is best, dark will show more easily. Dark shades will also show touch up areas more than lighter will. Dark shades work better for Dining rooms or areas not getting high traffic. They also work well for accent walls.


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