How To Hints & Tips.

This is a collection of hints and tips I have learned over the years. I will post and add information along the way.

New Brush:

When you get a new brush it is always good to give it a rinse in clean cold water before using it. Dunk it in about halfway up the ferrule. (The metal part holding the bristles to the handle) then shake it out. This will remove the bristle pieces that were cut to shape the brush and also tighten up the bristles. This is also a good practice if you have not used a brush for a while. If water gets between the ferrule and the handle it will work its way down inside and give you streaks in the paint.

Cutting In & Painting:

When using a brush you should have a good load of paint to get the best coverage and cut in. Usually load about halfway up the bristles . If you use a paint pail tap the brush inside the pail and rub the brush (both sides) on the flat pour spout edge. Take care and not let excess paint dry on the bristles. It is harder to get a good finish as your bristles will stiffen reducing your cutting edge and start to leave lines in your finish. I always have at least two brushes on hand. When the paint starts to dry on the bristle I put it in a small pail with water and switch to another brush. It is easy then to clean the brushes later. If you do not already have one it is good to invest in a brush comb.


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