The final finish is set at the beginning with the right start. To quote an old advertisement “Well Begun Is Half Done”

If you do not get your prep, filling and priming done well the finish will never look the best. It does not matter how fine or expensive your finish paint is. It is only as good as the base you are applying it to.

Wash any wall or trim with TSP before you sandpaper. Rinse well and allow to dry. Walls should always be washed from the bottom upwards. Do not use household cleaning soaps as they will leave a residue.

So many times I have seen advice to sandpaper first. This not only gums up your paper but it drives any surface dirt or hand oil residue down into the surface. It is worth remembering you would not wax a dirty car so why would you paint a dirty surface? The oil residue from hands either on walls around light switches or rim will prevent paint from sticking properly. The time spent preparing and achieving a good finish is always better than trying to rectify a project gone bad.


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